MARSANO 'Muse' Collection Vase - Transparent / L

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In our search for the perfect vase, we realized that as different as the special moments in life are, so too must be the vases that accompany them. So, in collaboration with the designers at Fundamental.Berlin, we created the Muse collection, which offers the ideal vase for every situation. Be it a child's self-picked bouquet, a flowering branch in spring or a festive bouquet.

Like every flower arrangement, each vase is unique.
They were mouth-blown in the Czech Republic in a small craft workshop, where they were given their very individual shapes.

Our smallest Muse model S (ø8cm, H13cm) is suitable to set the favorite flower in scene, or as a lantern. In the medium model M (ø18cm, H18cm), for example, a bunch of tulips finds its perfect place. The larger, slender vase L (ø15cm, H30cm) was created for grasses or twigs and the largest model XL (ø26cm, H30cm) is suitable for the special bouquet.

Our 'Muse' vases are still available in Green, Blue, Berry, Fresh Orange and Rosewood.

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