Sisters in Wine organic wines

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Lovingly produced organic wine from Germany, 750 ml

- Beguiling Marie sparkling wine 2020

Beguiling Marie is a mysterious woman, enveloped in the magic of distant lands. She is approachable and sociable, but does not immediately reveal everything about herself. She has an exotic scent, whose sweet fruit is always countered by tart spice. This combination draws you in and makes you dream of vacations and adventures. Its sparkling nature is like a fresh sea breeze on a hot night that makes you forget about time.

- Creative Käthe Red Wine 2020

Creative Käthe is smart and balanced. She is self-sufficient in principle, but that doesn't make her a loner. You're more likely to meet her at dinner parties or a vernissage than in a loud club. She is self-confident and knows how to entertain without demanding attention through loudness. Her composure is based on her competence and talking to her always gives you new ideas. So Käthe is not only creative, but also inspiring. Fortunately, she loves to accompany her friends on the creative path, so that in her company, tasks go off your hand as easy as a feather.

- Wild Hilde Rosé Wine 2020

is lively and always on the move. She romps through the world like a brightly colored whirlwind, sweeping along everything and everyone. Whoever lay in her path is left disheveled but happy. As soon as she enters the room, she gives off the scent of wild berries and fresh herbs that hangs in the air long after she's gone.
An incredibly refreshing type that carries summer in its heart. No wonder you never see her without sunglasses in her hair. When she's around, there's always something happening, because the word "boredom" is foreign to her.
- Playful Frida White Wine 2020
Playful Frida is a flower child, a modern hippie. The flower wreath in her hair looks completely natural and goes perfectly with her flapper dress. Ideals are more important to her than facts, which occasionally makes her appear endearingly naive. She likes to prance barefoot through the world and her favorite time of day is the afternoon, because it merges fluidly into the evening. A tropical smell is always wafting around her, so you always feel close to summer in her company. Don't worry, be Frida.

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