The Flower House Vase Amber

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by Sigurd Larsen 


While the glass seems to delicately balance on a narrow line from one angle, it stands like a solid rectangle from another. The pitched shape make the vase appear like a house turned upside down.

During the mesmerizing production process, a thick glass bubble is blown into a hand-made cherry wood mold. Due to gravity more liquid glass settles at the bottom, while the walls grow thinner as the blown in air presses them up against the mold. Added colored glass develops a beautiful gradient during this process.

Amber, green, and transparent colors are chosen to refer to the 19th century architecture of bricks and glazed tiles that defines the narrow Berlin courtyards where the vases are produced.

Each vase is stamped with a serial number, indicating the generation of mold that was used in the production. Each mold can be used for a limited edition of 50 unique vases.


Price per vase: 380€

Colors: Amber, Green and Transparent


Cherry wood mold: Hand made by Drechsler Konrad Ehrl in Bavaria

Glass production: Berlin Glassworks

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